Upcycle Dad’s Tie into a Custom Eyeglass Case

Not the usual gift for Dad! Use this no-sew method to transform a silk necktie into a custom eyeglass case in just a few easy steps.

Upcycle Dad's Tie into a Custom Eyeglass Case

Make Dad’s reading glasses easier to find.

Just about any dad has a pair of reading glasses or sunglasses that could use a case. A case stores and protects eyeglasses, but can also help you keep track of them! My dad is always misplacing his glasses, because they blend in with their surroundings. He could really use an eye-catching case that stands out and makes his readers easier to find!

Maybe your dad has a necktie he might not wear as much that features a favorite team logo or cartoon character on it, or maybe has a monogram or a nice pattern on it. Neckties also have a little padding inside, and the width is just right to hold a pair of glasses. You could choose a tie from the back of Dad’s closet for this project, or if Dad doesn’t wear ties, head over to a thrift store to pick one that suits his personality!

What you will need for this project:

After you’ve picked out a tie (you can even find a gently used assortment inexpensively online!) get a tape measure of some kind, Ultra hold iron-on fusible web tape, and a small (about 4″) pair of scissors as well as regular size fabric and craft scissors. You will also need adhesive backed Velcro dots, and a pen or fabric pencil to work with. You will need an iron as well.

How to start this project:

  1. Begin by removing any labels or loops from the back of the tie with the smaller scissors. It may seem nitpicky, but it will give the finished case a smoother look.
  2. Use the smaller scissors to open the seam along the back of the tie, and to cut any threads loose that are tacking the back of the tie to the front. Doing this to at least 6″ from the broad end of the tie will create the pouch for the glasses.

3. Next, measure in 17″ from the point and mark it with the pen or pencil. Cut the tie on the mark widthwise with the larger scissors, and discard the narrow end of the tie.

4. Peel back the outside fabric of the cut end of the tie, and trim off a half inch of the batting inside the tie.

5. To reduce excess fabric hanging out of the sides, fold the fabric back into place and cut off wedges of the back fabric at an angle toward the center on each side. Discard the fragments of cut-off fabric.

6. Cut about a 2 1/2″ strip of the iron-on tape, lay it face down at the edge of the cut end of the tie. Follow the package instructions, carefully ironing the adhesive strip down from the back. When the tape darkens, peel away the paper backing tape. Immediately fold over the cut end of the tie, and bond the fabric with the iron.

Next steps

7. After that, cut a 2 3/4″ strip of the iron-on tape and lay it along the edge of the tie. Then cut two 6″strips of tape, and lay them facedown along each side, following the edges of the tie. After that, cut a 3″strip of tape and lay it facedown at the ends of the two 6″ strips. Iron the adhesive strips down from the back. When the tape darkens, peel away the pieces of paper backing tape. Fold over this narrow end of the tie toward the point in the open end of the tie. Thoroughly bond the fabric together with the iron, following the package instructions. Let the fabric cool a few minutes, to allow the adhesive to fully activate.

Finishing the eyeglass case

8. When the adhesive is set, measure in 4 1/2″ from the pointed end on the tie. Make a mark to stick on a fuzzy Velcro dot, and stick a loop Velcro dot inside the point of the tie. Note: you can hand sew the Velcro dots down with a few stitches if you’d like to give them a stronger hold. Fold the end of the tie over and iron to form the back flap of the eyeglass case.

Upcycle Dad's Tie into a Custom Eyeglass Case

Not the usual gift for dad!

If Dad was probably expecting you to give him yet another tie, surprise him with this whimsical DIY gift. This is fun and practical at the same time, and Dads always like getting something handmade from their kids. It’s something he will use and enjoy for years to come!

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