Monogrammed Dog Hoodie

This adorable hoodie can be customized to fit your very own puppy, and it doesn’t require any sewing! As any dog parent knows, cute clothes for your dog can get pricey, but this is an inexpensive way to keep them warm and cozy.

DIY Monogrammed Dog Hoodie

An iron on letter patch in your dog’s initial is a cute way to personalize it. I chose these varsity-style letters to go with the sporty style of these hoodies. There is a wide variety of iron-on patches available, so you can create a hoodie that is perfect for your puppy’s personality!

DIY Monogrammed Dog Hoodie

The hood is great for keeping ears warm and dry during any outdoor activities when it’s chilly and damp.

To start, you should get a cloth tape measure and get the width of your dog’s neck, their chest just behind their front legs, and also the length of their body from their neck to their hind legs. This will help you find a general size hoodie for this project, usually in infant’s sizes on up to child’s sizes, to fit your dog. Thrift stores and discount stores are cost effective places to look for hoodies. Churro is wearing the grey hoodie, and fit into a 5T. Biscuit is wearing the blue hoodie, and wears a 4T. Both dogs weigh about 26 pounds, but have different body shapes so it’s really important to measure!

DIY Monogrammed Dog Hoodie

Once you have the hoodie, you will also need iron-on adhesive hem tape, an iron-on letter patch, the cloth tape measure, a pen for marking, sharp scissors, and of course an iron. You will also want to get a scrap of thin cotton fabric to place over the letter to protect it as you iron it on.

First, get a measurement of your dog’s arm length from their elbow to the wrist, so that you know how long the sleeves will need to be.

If you need to shorten the sleeves, use this measurement to lay the tape out on the lower armpit side of the sleeve, and mark with the pen to the top of the sleeve at a slight angle. Repeat this process on the other sleeve.

Cut along the mark on each sleeve. You should be able to cut through both layers at once.

Next, cut pieces of the hem tape to go inside the rolls of the sleeves.

DIY Monogrammed Dog Hoodie

Roll each sleeve over once over the hem tape and iron the fold until the hem tape sticks the fabric together, then roll the sleeves up once more.

Unzip the hoodie and spread the back of it out facing you. Measure the height of the iron-on letter, and then mark the center of the back of the hoodie, and the where the top of the letter should go. Peel the adhesive backing off the letter, place it over the marks, and check to see if it looks straight before you press it down. Cover the letter with a scrap of thin cotton fabric to protect it while you press it with a hot iron, for about 30 seconds, or according to the letter’s package instructions. Let cool about one minute, then flip the hoodie over and press the letter from the inside with the hot iron. Let it cool again before you handle it any more.

Presto! The hoodie is ready to put on your dog and look stylish for a play date or a walk in the park!

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Lisa B
Lisa B
5 years ago

This is so stinkin’ cute!! I have an English Bulldog and have always thought he’d look adorable in a hoodie! Thanks for the tips on how to find some good size comparisons with kid’s hoodies. Long-time follower here on SprinkleBakes – love the new site!

Heather Baird
5 years ago
Reply to  Lisa B

Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by here! This project works especially well with barrel-chested pups. I bet your English Bulldog would look handsome in a hoodie. Biscuit met a lady bulldog at the vet recently. She was flirting and he was cautious. Hehe. -h

4 years ago