DIY Wedgwood Inspired Christmas Tree Ornaments

Add some elegance to your holiday with these DIY Wedgwood Inspired Christmas Tree Ornaments. They’re easy to make using millwork and architectural on-lays.

Wedgwood Christmas Tree Ornaments

One of the big reasons why I’m a DIY girl is because I love high end décor. But I can’t always justify spending loads of money on it. Don’t get me wrong; I have some treasured heirloom quality pieces that will stay in my family. But filling an entire Christmas tree (even a small one!) with Wedgwood ornaments is going to be out of my budget.

With a bit of painted balsa wood, some ready-made architectural on-lays and millwork, you can create your own gorgeous Wedgwood-inspired ornaments with just a little crafting. They are not specifically holiday themed, so their uses could go way beyond the Christmas tree, as year-round wall décor.


Creating the look.

Millwork pieces made from cast foam material, plaster or wood add classical detail to each plaque. These can be found online, or in the molding and millwork department at hardware stores. You might even use salvaged architectural pieces if you can find them! Anything small and lightweight will work well for this project. Brush on white chalk paint for a consistent color and finish.

Make the base.

Thin plywood pieces make an ideal base for each ornament. Paint them with Wedgewood blue paint for an authentic


Paint with a small sponge paint roller to achieve a smooth even finish. Regular bristle brushes will leave brush marks.

Size the plaques by laying a piece of millwork onto the painted wood, and marking off the edges 1″ to 2″ from the sides of the millwork. Score the edges with a utility knife.

Score through as many layers of the plywood as you can. Cleanly snap off the wood along the scored edge.

Wood glue for best adhesive.

Attach the millwork to the painted wood plaque with wood glue. Brush the glue on to the back of the millwork before lightly pressing into place onto the front of the plaque. Allow the glued plaques to stand for at least 30 minutes.

Wedgwood Christmas Tree Ornaments

Add some trim!

Paintable architectural trim can be found online or in hardware stores. It can be found in the form of wooden lengths, or in this incredible adhesive-backed flexible pvc material that comes in a roll! Paint it with the same white chalk paint to match the millwork. Cut it to fit the sides of each plaque with a utility knife. Glue or stick the lengths of trim along the edges of the front of each plaque.

Glue a loop of white ribbon to the top center of the back of each plaque to add a hanger, and you’re all set!

Wedgwood Christmas Tree Ornaments

Layer up!

Layer different size plaques, along with larger architectural elements, on the tree for a fuller look.

Use a large stand-alone architectural detail for a tree topper.

These plaques can also be hung on the wall year-round as a classical decorative element. They bring a touch of regency inspired elegance to your interior in any season!

Supply links:

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Wegewood Blue All-In-One Paint

Wood Cutout Blank Plaques

Flexible Molding Rope Trim

Wedgwood Inspired Ornaments

Recreate the style and grace of Wedgwood Christmas ornaments at home! These plaque ornaments look wonderful on a Christmas tree and can be repurposed as wall décor after the holidays. These instructions are for one ornament, but you can easily make an assortment in just one afternoon.
Prep Time20 minutes
8 hours drying time8 hours
Total Time8 hours 20 minutes
Course: Holiday
Cuisine: English
Keyword: balsa wood, satin ribbon, Wedgwood chalk paint, Wedgwood Ornaments
Yield: 1 ornament
Author: Heather Baird


  • box cutter
  • small sponge paint roller
  • small sponge brush
  • Pair of scissors
  • glue gun and glue sticks


  • 1 5×7 balsa wood board 1/8 inch thick
  • Wedgwood blue chalk paint
  • white chalk paint
  • 1 piece millwork on lay ‎0.5 x 2.75 x 4 inches
  • 25" white rope PVC trim self adhesive
  • wood glue
  • 4" white satin ribbon


  • Lay the balsa wood on a protected work surface. Paint the front of the balsa and let dry; paint the back and let dry.
  • Paint the millwork on lay with the white chalk paint. Also paint the white trim with the paint so both whites are the same hue. Let dry completely.
  • Dot wood glue on the back of the millwork and center on the painted plaque. Let dry completely.
  • Measure and cut to size the white self-adhesive rope trim. Remove the protective back paper and place the trim around the edges of the plaque.
  • On the opposite side of the millwork, create a hanger. Attach a loop of white satin ribbon using hot glue.
  • Hang your beautiful ornament on your Christmas tree or on the wall as décor.
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Kari Dent
2 years ago

These are absolutely beautiful!