Pom Pom Love Bug Craft for Kids

Make these adorable Love Bugs in just a few minutes! These are simple to craft and are a fun Valentine’s Day project for kids.

Pom Pom Love Bug Craft for Kids

Pom pom love bugs can be made with a little bit of supervision from grownups, and take only a few minutes to make. You can easily find the inexpensive materials at any craft supply store.

Pom Pom Love Bug Craft for Kids

All that is needed are 2″ and 3/4″ pom poms to make the bodies and heads of the bugs, pipe cleaners for wings, a pack of assorted googly eyes, a low temperature glue gun, and glue sticks.

Make the wings by bending one end of a pipe cleaner in to the center to form a loop, giving it a single twist to hold it into place. Repeat with the other end of the pipe cleaner to form two loops. Bend in the center of each loop with a fingertip to form a heart-shaped wings.

Pom Pom Love Bug Craft for Kids

Squeeze on about a 1/2″ circle of hot glue into the middle of one side of a 2” pom pom to attach the wings. Then add another 1/2″ dollop of glue at the base of the wings, and then attach one of the 3/4″ pom poms to that for the head. Next, carefully dot on hot glue to the back of the googly eyes to stick to the head. Put the eyes on the top of the head, near the wings for the best effect. You can use the same size eyes, or you can use two different sizes to give the bug crazy eyes.

Viola! You’ve just made a Love Bug!

Pom Pom Love Bug Craft for Kids

Children can make one just for themselves, or make a whole flutter of these cuties to give to family and friends. Each bug will have its own personality.

Pom Pom Love Bug Craft for Kids

Love bugs can be given as a charming handmade gift along with a Valentine, a box of candy, or even a bouquet of flowers!

Pom Pom Love Bug Craft for Kids

Pom pom love bug craft for kids
Prep Time10 minutes
Active Time5 minutes
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  • low temperature glue gun
  • low temperature glue sticks


  • 1 pack 2'' pom poms any color
  • 1 pack 3/4" pom poms any color
  • 1 pack pipe cleaners any color
  • 1 pack googly eyes, assorted sizes


  • Make wings: Bend end of a pipe cleaner in toward middle to form a loop. Twist once to hold loop in place. Repeat for other wing. Bend in the center of each wing with your fingertip to form a heart shape.
  • Make body; Squeeze on a 1/2" circle of hot glue inmiddle of a 2" pom pom. Attach wings to hot glue. Add another 1/2"circle of glue and attach a 3/4" pom pom for the head.
  • Attach eyes: Dot hot glue on to the back of each googly eye,and stick to the top of the head near the wings.


Parental supervision is required for young children using a low temperature glue gun.
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